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Land Claim Records

Dates: 1852-1876

The Placer County Archives maintains a collection of official Placer County records regarding the filing of a Land Claim which are a part of the Placer County Clerk-Recorder Collection.

Many of the Land Claims in this collection are Pre-emptive or Squatter’s Rights claims.  Many properties in early Placer County had been settled before an organized government was in place.  Land Claims and Pre-emptive Claims allowed those who had settled and improved their property to legally claim it. The Land Claims contain the name of the claimant, the date notice was filed and date it was recorded, the boundaries of the property, the number of acres, a surveyor’s name and occasionally a diagram of the property claimed.

A searchable PDF Index to the Placer County Land Claims Books has been created and is available HERE.

Please note, when searching through these Land Claims books in the “Placer County Clerk-Recorder Collection” the image number and the page number do not correlate.  This is because these early historic records frequently included unnumbered, double numbered, or blank pages.  The books have been imaged in order but it may take some time and patience to find the page number you are seeking.  This especially true for Book A of Land Claims.

Here is a shortcut to the Placer County Land Claims collection.

Scope and Content:

Index to Land Claim Records (1852-1876)

  • Index to Land Claims; Books A, B, and C (1852-1876)

Land Claim Records (1850-1876)

  • Land Claims Book A (1850-1852)
  • Land Claims Book B (1852-1857)
  • Land Claims Book C (1857-1876)
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