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Placer County Deeds and Official Records

Dates: 1851-1960

The Placer County Archive maintains a collection of official Placer Country records known as “Deeds and Official Records Books” regarding the recording of land transactions. The records contain the name of the grantee, grantor, the date the transaction was recorded, and a description of the land involved in the transaction. Transactions that can be found in the Deed and Official Record Books include deeds, deeds of trust, reconveyances, decrees, bills of sale, agreements, and more. The Placer County Deeds and Official Records can be found in the Placer County Clerk-Recorder Collection.

To research this collection, it is useful to have the name of a grantee or grantor, and if possible a date for when the transaction occurred. Use the indices to locate a transaction by the last name of a grantee or grantor. Once an entry in an index has been located, use the book and page number listed to locate the transaction either in a Deed Book or an Official Record Book. While we do have indices that cover the years 1961-1971, the Archives does not currently have the corresponding volumes which are still retained by, and accessible directly through, the Office of the Clerk-Recorder.

Scope and Content:

Indices to Deeds and Official Records (1851-1971)

The indices are alphabetical by last name, or if applicable the name of a business. Indices for the years 1851-1897 and 1909-1920; have the grantee and grantor recorded in the same volume, but on separate pages. The top of the page in the index lists if it is for grantees or grantors. Indices for the years 1898-1908 and 1921-1971 have separate volumes for grantees and grantors.

Deed Record Books (1851-1923)

The Deed Record Books are composed of Volumes A-I; K-Z; AA-WW; and 49-215.

(NOTE: There is no book “J.”  Entries referring to a book J will be found in book “I.”)

Official Record Books (1924-1960)

The Official Record Books are composed of Volumes 216-861.

Researching This Collection

This collection is very extensive and requires a bit of patience and effort when researching.  Below are links for a PDF “Quickstart Guide” as well as a video tutorial that should help demonstrate how to find transactions in this collection.

There are PDF files available for all Indices.  These will enable the researcher to flip through each Index Book as needed, to identify the correct Deed (or Official Records) book and page number for a recorded transaction.  When opening the identified Deed or Official Records book, file numbers do not necessarily correspond to page numbers so you may have to open a few files until you reach your targeted record.

Here is a shortcut to the Placer County Deeds and Official Records Collection.

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